Depoda Yeni Dönem Başlıyor! FSStockchain’in Yazılım Teknolojisi Nedir?

In this way, it has reached the goal of competitiveness and diversity in hardware by moving the hardware requirements of mobile data identification sector to a wider range. In the axis of user experience, the mobile mobile technologies that they are already familiar with have taken an active position in business life and gained experience in user capabilities.

In order to achieve these goals, SQL Server database REST API and Cloud hosting solutions were used for Back-End and HyBrid HTML5 and Android WebView were preferred for Front-End.

Hybrid architecture provides load balance with server-side solutions for performance that minimizes runtime, update and maintenance requirements.  With the same architecture, you can use different resolutions and sizes in your mobile devices, handheld terminals or web browsers. Smart Grid and Dashboard features are designed and adjusted to your screen resolution and size, making reporting easier and product traceability capabilities increased.

The End User Reporting module is one of the most prominent technological moves of the new version, so that system improvements can be made at the end user or power user level, especially without the need for support.

Back-End and Front-End have used an independent and modular architecture in order to meet the forward-looking technological changes at the right time and to provide the most up-to-date technologies to its customers by reacting quickly.

Security infrastructure was strengthened with OAUTH 2 and SSL architecture and publishing platforms were moved to Google Play and App Store platforms.

FSSoftware has developed a road map that improves our ability to adapt quickly, not based on predictions against frequent winds, and has chosen to base the changes on a vision of enriching our customers' options

Profilo Aziendale

FSSoftware, 2006 yılında kurulmuş ve faaliyet alanını online mobil stok yönetimi ve ileri düzey izlenebilirlik konuları üzerine belirlemiş yazılım ve proje firmasıdır. FSSoftware onbir yıl önce kurulmuş olsa da, firmanın kurucu ortakları Otomatik Tanımlama/Veri Toplama (OT/VT) sektöründe 25 yıllık derin bir tecrübeye sahip. Vedi Tutti

La Nostra Politica Di Qualità

FSSoftware’in iletişim anlayışının dayandığı ilke, “Önce anlamak, sonra anlaşılmak”tır. FSSoftware müşterilerinin ihtiyaçlarını doğru anlamak ve bu ihtiyaçları yalnızca bugün için değil, geleceğe yönelik bir şekilde doğru olarak cevaplamak üzere, iletişim anlayışının temelini ‘dinlemek’ eylemi üzerine yapılandırmıştır. Vedi Tutti