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Product Verification Tracking System

The Product Verification Tracking System, implemented by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, prevents the sale and production of irritated, counterfeit and counterfeit products and enables consumers to reach healthier foods
In January 2018, within the scope of the product validation tracking system, which is obligatory by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, FSSoftware produces solutions for the data matrix produced by the software in the format requested by the Ministry of Agriculture and data transfer between the Ministry and the Ministry of Agriculture.
The product verification and tracking system will be implemented in six product groups. These;
  1. Honey
    • Honey (R.G:27.07.2012-28366)
  2. Enegy Drinks
    • Energy Drinks (R.G: 04.10.2006-26309)
  3. Black Tea
    • TGK Black Tea (R.G: 17.06.2015–29389)
  4. Vegetable Oils
    • TGK - Olive Oil and Pirina Oil (R.G: 07.08.2010  – 27665)
    • TGK -  Oils Called by Plant Name(R.G: 12.04.2012 – 28262)
    • Mixture vegetable oils.
  5. Baby foods, formulas, supplements
    • TGK- Baby formulas (R.G: 15.08.2014-29089)
    • TGK-Continue Formulas ( R.G: 15.08.2014 -29089)
    • TGK-Baby and Young Children Supplementary Foods (R.G: 01.11.200726687)
  6. Reinforcing Foods
    • TGK-Reinforcing foods (R.G:16.08.2013-28737)

The following Product verification tracking system labels are used for product groups identified and clearly indicated by the Ministry. The first labels can be seen on the numbers and the others are designed in a closed format.

Kapalı olan turuncu kısmın altındaki numara, ürünlerin güvenirliğini sorgulamak için kullanılır. The number under the closed orange section is used to inquire about the reliability of the products. Labels shall be manufactured to be resistant to movements such as impact, friction.

The details that the consumer should pay attention to are important for the producers with the product verification tracking system label. The consumer should check the durability of the PVTS labels on the products and the presence of the PVTS labels

After purchasing the product, the consumer can open the orange field and make inquiries with the 19-digit product identification number.

Consumers use the PVTS number; mobile applications, voice response system, sms and internet can provide control by querying and secure consumption process is realized


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