Inventory Management & Traceability


FSMobility consist of cloud based mobile device interfaces and web based reporting modules.Mobile application is compaotible with Android iOS or Windows Mobile devices  and industrial scanners as well..

Labeling & Identification with Global Standards (GS1 EAN) 

Produces and print barcodes in accordance with international standards by packing the products (GS1-UPC-EAN) 

• Box / Pallet serial label printing

• GS1 Box printing

• GS1 Pallet label printing

• GS1 Product label printing

Goods Receipt  

FSStockchain, enables the entry of the products based on the purchase order in a controlled manner. The Expiry date , quantity and the content is validated over Purchase Order or warehouse rules.With extended customization options user forms may have custom data fields. System checks the placement of products in accordance with physical storage conditions or product placement restrictions

Many import rules can be applied on processs flow such as:

• Custom Clearence

• Domestic Receipt

• International Import

Shipment and Delivery (Pick-Pack-Load) 

FSStockchain, provides accurate and fast shipment preparation for customer satisfaction.Location and rule based picking process saves time and labour.Sales Orders are downloaded automatically from ERP or sales force support systems to FSMobility.Pick pack load oparators are informed fot the deliveries to be completed.Barcodes are checked if content is correct or not.Quantities, state of material and many controls are applied in order to increase delivery performance.All errors are reported for measurements.
System can be monitored through monitoring screen online over internet (or intranet).Multi level confirmation options makes authorization more skillful to keep deliveries under control.  

Stock Transfering 

Stock tranfers between inhouse locations or from/to external warehouses are kept under control with FSMobility system. Transferring rules are defined in configuration modules and can be updated anytime.Administrator can restirct any type of material or pallet to be send or received to any locations.
Additional transfer operations can be added at runtime to the system. Each stock transfer operation instantly syncronised with ERP system by FSMobility EDI module.All transactions may have (or not) integration with 3rd Party applications

Realtime Stock & Analyze Reports 

All barcode scanning operations made with mobile devices is listed in operational reports.Creates inventory reports or dashboards based on serial number, lot number, product status, product groups, location. 

All reports criteria parameters are configured seperately and can be added at runtime with dynamic reporting options.Reports can be exported to any standard formats such as PDF Excel.

Real time reports support administrators to make fast and accurate decisions.FSStockchain helps to show existing state in a clear picture

• Operational Reports • Performance Reports • Instant Activity Report

Advisor Reports 

Determines the location of the products to be shipped.The locations of the most suitable products for shipment are reported as a suggestion list, thus ensuring fast and accurate shipment  

Online Integration 

FSStockchain, integrates transaction records to/from ERP systems instantly. All stock movements, operational data are synchronized with other software by providing instant integratin 

Cloud Solution

FSStockchain is cloud based solution and it is possible to host and manage system public or private Windows based  cloud systems.


Company Profile

FSSoftware is a software and project company founded in 2006, which focuses on online mobile stock management and advanced traceability. Although FSSoftware was founded eleven years ago, its founding partners have 25 years of deep experience in the Automatic Identification / Data Capture (AI / DC) industry. View All

Quality Policy

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