Healthy Food Tracking with FSSoftware

The COVİD-19 crisis, declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization, continues to cause casualties in its world. It is often emphasized by experts that hygiene is important in protecting against the corona virus.

What was the Source of the Corona Virus?

The coronavirus (corona virus), which occurs in the Wuhan city of China, which affects the world and causes the disease called Covid-19, is first transmitted from animal to human. However, viruses become a massive epidemic threat, they mutate and begin to spread from person to person.

It is emphasized that the 2019-nCoV virus may have first appeared in the Huanan fish market in Vuhan. Although some sea creatures may be carrying coronavirus, it seems to be more likely to be the source of the virus, such as chickens, bats, rabbits, snakes.

Corona Virus Protection Ways

Experts emphasize that as one of the ways to protect corona antivirus, personal hygiene should be given importance, a balanced and healthy diet should be given importance to strengthen the immune system, and attention should be given to clean the food taken.

Healthy Food Tracking with FSSoftware

The product traceability system that will benefit in the food sector not only eliminates the factors that may threaten consumer health, but also strengthens their relations with supply chain members and minimizes the risks that may arise during the supply chain stages.

Traceability is of utmost importance as food safety is at stake. An effective traceability system makes it possible to identify and select unsafe foods in the markets just in time. In this way, the risks of disease / death and market damage are minimized or even eliminated.

As FSSoftware, we are a company that produces expert-level solutions in food, medicine and product traceability with its experience of nearly twenty years. It has been providing support to its customers with FSMobility software for years in our company regarding Healthy Food follow-up and who has been in contact with the food, which is one of the needs that emerged in the Covid-19 crisis.

We have listed our mobile and mobile solutions on the cloud below.

FSMobility Red Meat Traceability

To find information about which animal's meat comes from the consumed product, and if it is a problem product, to determine who is in contact with this product from slaughter to sales point.
Andorid and IOS powered cloud solution. It can work over WIFI and 3G +.

FSMobility Fruit-Vegetable Traceability

Tracking of products from the field to the market.
Tracking where the consumed fruit or vegetable is harvested, who packed it and who sent it to the point of sale.
It works integrated with Hal Registry System online.
Andorid and IOS powered cloud solution. It can work over WIFI and 3G +.

FSMobility Drug Tracking System

 Tracking the processes from the production of drugs to the pharmacy.
Making ITS notifications to the Ministry of Health.
Andorid and IOS powered cloud solution. It can work over WIFI and 3G +.

FSMobility Pharmaceutical Raw Material Traceability

Tracking of raw materials to be used for medicine. Providing production according to GAMP5 rules. Controlling the use of correct and appropriate raw materials in production. Online integration with the ERP used. Andorid and IOS powered cloud solution. It can work over WIFI and 3G +.

FSMobility Fish Traceability

Tracking the fish caught in the state.
Following who hunted the fish consumed, which state authorized the sale, and which trader it sold to which trader.
Sharing product traceability information with the consumer via the App.
Andorid and IOS powered cloud solution. It can work over WIFI and 3G +.

FSMobility Food Traceability

The management of the processes from the production to the shipment of the products consumed in the markets.
When, in which shift, on which line was the product produced? Which qualityist approved the sale? Who uploaded? Who carried it? Who else was the similar product sent to?
Andorid and IOS powered cloud solution. It can work over WIFI and 3G +


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