How to Choose Warehouse Management System (WMS)?

To choose the right Warehouse Management System (WMS), it is very important to determine what you need when storing your products (raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products). Before you choose, let's talk about the benefits of having an integrated Warehouse Management System.

As FSSoftware, we have been interviewing many companies to introduce our solution for warehouse management for nearly twenty years. In many parts of Turkey, close to 200 of our projects in 15 different sectors, is still used as a solution. That's why we're proud. While meeting with the companies we offer our solution named FSMobility, we met with companies who know what they want and ask the right questions, as well as companies that are forced to determine their needs even though they have the desire to change, and we are faced with companies that are stuck in daily solutions due to lack of targets.

As FSSoftware, we are aware that the right decisions are made by having the right information. In this article, when you choose Warehouse Management System for your company, we have brought together the critical information you need to ask the Warehouse Management System, the vendor who will sell this system to you or your company as a user from different perspectives. Based on our nearly twenty years of experience, we explained how to choose the right Warehouse Management System for your company.

Whether you want to automate your warehouse operations or upgrade your existing warehouse system, this article aims to be the ideal source for finding the right Warehouse Management System for your company.

We would be happy to assist you in selecting the best Warehouse Management System for your organization. Even if we say we're looking forward to it, we don't exaggerate.

Install the Right System and Start Planned

Today, increasing warehouse efficiency and effectively managing your supply chain is a critical success factor to achieve maximum performance. With the application of new technologies, warehouse operations, employee productivity and customer satisfaction can be increased significantly. By setting up the right system and rearranging the interaction between your warehouse and your employees, customers and vendors, you can achieve high return on investment while streamlining your warehouse operations.

Create Status for a New System

We cannot say that most of the managers have always shown a similar sensitivity to an enterprise resource planning system for their organizations. You have to accurately explain a new management idea to your organization's senior management or senior management team. Company management may be skeptical about the investment in Warehouse Management. Change is uncomfortable. You will need various measurable criteria. For this reason, it is important to identify all the ways in which your company can make use of the system both directly and indirectly.

Create a Project Team

Create a Project Team to decide what your company will need to move to the new system and what functions the new system will include. Depending on the size of your company, the members of the Project Team can be composed of warehouse manager, finance representative and IT director. In this process, define the role of each person, the level of participation and decision-making. Clearly define the responsibilities of each team member. Make sure your project team has the resources to do the job and configure priorities during the selection and implementation phases.

Evaluate Existing System

To get the most out of your new Warehouse Management System, you need to do more than simply add technology to your existing processes. The more you know about the problems you want the new system to solve, the more successful your last choice will be.

Discuss what changes have to be made to existing system procedures. What's working? What's missing? Review not only how technology can automate existing processes, but also other ways to improve it. Encourage your team members to be sincere about what they find annoying, unnecessary or ineffective. See how your warehouse interacts with customers, suppliers, and your organization's departments. Look for weaknesses and ways to improve these communications.

Share Your Expectations

When you accept the process and the timeline at which the process will take place, each member of your team shares their expectations for the new system.

Consensus on Needs

Let each team member create a list of useful functions for the new system's company


Consider the Benefits of Integration with the Accounting Department

The selection of the Warehouse Management software integrated with your accounting system provides full control and information flow between your accounting office and your warehouse floor. An integrated Warehouse Management System can automatically transfer data from your warehouse management system to the accounting database, ensuring accurate and up-to-date inventory control, while eliminating manual intervention and transcription errors. Easily and reliably connects with your financial data.

Remember the Difficult Benefits of Measurement

The correct Warehouse Management System maximizes the efficiency of your warehouse personnel. It saves them from tedious, time-consuming tasks and allows them to focus on their energy by choosing the right items for the first time.

Enables your company to benefit from increased stock retention accuracy and lower transport costs associated with old and slow moving stocks.

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