Supply Chain System in the Digital World

Today we will talk about how the supply chain system will be in the digital world and whether our country is ready for this.First,What is the supply chain system? Lets explain that.
Supply chain system, supply of raw materials with suppliers after the order of the customers are planned, the necessary production plans are made after the production of these orders, the production is realized until the customer reaches the customer after the arrival of the customer service and beyond all the processes that cover the supply chain to reach the customer system is called and that is the supply chain system. 

Where will the Digital World Lead the Supply Chain System?

Countries and companies must be prepared for survival in the face of risk-based situations that the world enters.
in countries can be political, economic and disasters.It is bad effect to production.In the digital world, we take precautions against situations and create instant solution scenarios.

How to must design the Supply chain system?

“How Shoul Be Ideal Supply Chain Speed?”

  • Accurate process maps need to be analyzed and extracted.
  • You should know your current situation very well.

"I have a shipping problem." With digital data, analysis created in corporate ERPs, big data analysis, you need to identify your problems correctly.

  • You need to make the difference between your current situation and your ideal situation and make comparisons between your own company and the sector.

“Am I ahead of my competitors? Am I behind? How much I have to heal myself..”

                After these processes are completed, questions such as how much improvement should you make and what technologies you should invest in and how much resources should be allocated to human resources should be questioned.

How will it support the latest technology supply chain system?

              With the above analysis, it is necessary to consolidate the data from different sources.That is why Industry 4.0 makes your company advantageous by extracting your chance to analyze your corporate data, the best advantage scenario against risks, logistics costs and service costs.It minimizes the time to reach the right situation with possible scenarios and makes the right decisions for your company faster, smarter and more frequently.

How Will the Supply Chain System Change in the Future in Our Country?

Many companies around the world have been asked where to shift your production.In response, the companies in the Far East received answers to be sold wherever production was made.The European and American strategy gives answers to where I'm producing, rather than being produced far away.As can be seen, the general strategy is to take away production and produce it at a point farther away from the sales markets, ie the use of cheap labor in China.

Most of the exports are carried Referring to Turkey to European countries.Central Europe and Eastern Europe, on the other hand, are going to industrialization and factoryization.
Due to Turkey's geopolitical position thanks to its proximity to target markets where logistical advantages, however, was give us an advantage.However, since 2016, when compared to countries that provide the same geographical and income position advantage as us, other countries close the advantage difference.

Turkey serves expensive but cheaper production from the eastern world from the Western world. Although seen as a relative advantage, Germany predicts that with Industry 4.0 they will reduce production costs by 18 units.As another example, China will provide great advantages with its maritime, road and rail pavement thanks to its one-generation one-way project to reduce logistics costs despite cheap production.As a country, if we do not adapt to the digital world and the advantages they bring, the differences will disappear.


Benefit from Information Technologies

“Use FSMobility & FSStockchain Solution”

It is necessary to use the latest technologies to find the right scenarios against the crises that will occur and to find the right solutions for your company for your production as part of this system.FSMobility product management, Warehouse and Inventory Management, Production, Quality Management, Acceptance and Shipment Process; It enables the control and application of the rules in the warehouse by hand terminals, tracking of batch numbers and serial numbers, and monitoring and monitoring of all processes. It can support international standards (GS1 and EPCGlobal) while performing these functions.

FSMobility is a packaged ready product.It is adaptable for your company.Prior to installation, these adaptations will be adapted to the processes of your business.In case of a change in the processes after the installation, adaptation can be made


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