When is the Right Time to Move Into the Warehouse Management System?

Don't expect that warehouse operations can no longer compete to assess whether you need a new system. As FSMobility, we have listed some important tips to help you maximize your business processes.

Keep up with Industry Trends

The availability of new technologies and increasing market demands are changing rapidly in many sectors. Watch trends such as rising customer expectations, increased competitive pressure or falling margins. Introducing new or improved automation management technology to your warehouse can be a powerful tool to increase competitiveness in a challenging market.

Smartly Invest in New Equipment

If you are investing in new material handling equipment for your warehouse, such as conveyors or trucks, be sure to make good use of this investment.  A good warehouse management system will effectively integrate these islands of technology for your staff, optimize performance and maximize total warehouse efficiency.

Take Advantage of the Most From Warehouse

If you plan to move to a new warehouse, this may be a good starting point for implementing a new warehouse management system. You can eliminate inefficiencies in your old warehouse by creating a plan at your new location. If you plan and implement early, you can get the benefits of your new system so quickly.

Evaluate Your Current Capabilities

An objective way of assessing your warehouse efficiency is to measure and assess your existing capabilities in detail.  Criteria can indicate areas where your warehouse is performing well and you want to improve.  If significant changes are required as a result of your assessment, it may be time to implement a new system in your repositories.

Questions to Ask Sellers of the Warehouse Management System

Can it provide my company with a complete service package?

Critical elements of any software application are product training, technical support, future maintenance and improvements. Work with a vendor to assist with long-term training and remote support.

Does the company / seller selling Warehouse Management System listen to you effectively?

This question distinguishes the actual solution provider from a product vendor. To make the best recommendations for your organization, a reseller must first learn about your organization's current capabilities and information about your organization, including missing (but mandatory) elements or functionality. Has the vendor tried to learn as much as possible about your organization? Did the vendor speak to more than one person in your company?

Does the Vendor communicate clearly?

Be careful of vendors who spend all their time discussing the features of a program.It is very important that the vendor does system training and has support service.

Can I work with the vendor?

Remember, you will work closely with the Merchant for a day, week, or even months. It is important to find a dealer that you think will provide the necessary expertise and advice in a proper and professional manner.


7 Questions to Ask Seller about a New System

Select the best two or three of the companies you are interviewing and ask each vendor to provide the following information

1) Estimated license costs for the software.

2) Estimated installation costs to tailor the system to your needs.

3) Estimated costs for barcode equipment and their maintenance

4) Time and cost of implementation.

5) Yearly support and maintenance costs

6) Training methodology and training.

7) A plan to integrate your accounting systems as needed.

Vendor of Your Choice

The vendor you choose should be dedicated to meeting the changing needs of the warehousing and logistics industry and, as a result, committed to upgrading and improving the product. When considering existing WMS solutions, consider the following factors:

1) Know the benefits of working with a vendor company

Before beginning to narrow down your list of WMS vendors, it is important to understand the benefits of working with a reseller. Usually, sellers have gone through this process many times before and can save you time and effort. They can help you choose the right software for your repositories, install new networks or hardware, and ensure that the system is running on your target date.

2) Display Potential Solutions

Make at least one phone call with each vendor to determine that their solutions match the required functionality. Find out if each feature is available as standard with the system, whether it is available as an add-on module for an additional fee or not at all. A good seller will have to ask you many questions to determine which system is best for your company.

3) Consider Application Time

Find a complete solution that can run smoothly and quickly. Ask the company where you purchased the solution, how long the application will take and what factors can increase or decrease the required time.

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