Inventory Management & Traceability

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FSMobility is an Online RF Stock and Warehouse Management solution which is FSSoftware's specialized product. Management of Warehouses and Stocks, Production, Quality Management, Purchase and Dispatch Processes; The main functions of FSMobility that the control and realizing of the rules in the warehouse by barcode scanners, tracking of batch numbers and serial numbers and monitoring of all processes of warehouse's work flow.

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FSStockhain is a software solution focusing on the WMS functionalities. Platform has been developed with latest software technology over Microsoft Azure Cloud, Microsoft .Net Web Platform, MS SQL Server, Android and IOS platforms with multilingual support. Warehouse operations are processed online by warehouse operators with handheld (Android IOS Windows Mobile ) scanners. Operational data is send to central datawarehouse. When operational data arrives to central datastore, online ERP integration functions are executed in order to synchronise stock levels between ERP and warehouse systems. Online operation infrastructure makes it possible to report or monitor any stock or operation data instantenously and accurately within ERP and WMS.

Company Profile

FSSoftware is a software and project company founded in 2006, which focuses on online mobile stock management and advanced traceability. Although FSSoftware was founded eleven years ago, its founding partners have 25 years of deep experience in the Automatic Identification / Data Capture (AI / DC) industry. View All

Quality Policy

FSSoftware’in iletişim anlayışının dayandığı ilke, “Önce anlamak, sonra anlaşılmak”tır. FSSoftware müşterilerinin ihtiyaçlarını doğru anlamak ve bu ihtiyaçları yalnızca bugün için değil, geleceğe yönelik bir şekilde doğru olarak cevaplamak üzere, iletişim anlayışının temelini ‘dinlemek’ eylemi üzerine yapılandırmıştır. View All