Industry Leader VOLT MOTOR Chose FSMOBILITY For Product Traceability and Inventory Management!

Özgür Koç
FSSoftware Sales & Project Manager

Volt Motor was established to manufacture coil winding in 1966, and started to manufacture single-phase electric motors in 1987 and subsequently three-phase electric motors and has taken its place in the electric motor manufacturing sector.

Volt Motor has started to release the electric motors within performance class of IE3, being the premium energy level, with the R&D works carried out in order to reduce the energy consumption and to increase the energy performance in our country. It has been maintaining the cooperation in international markets related to the IE4 motors in the super premium energy level.

Volt Motor ensures traceability all semi manufactured and manufactured process traceability with FSMobility


In the project, the production lines process and operational flow monitoring were realized together with SAP Integration.

SAP integration of products from the production entry, customer order and FIFO control and shipment processes are included in the project.

Intermec is used in the Hand terminal as hardware. Zebra Industrial Barcode printers are used for label printing.

Huawei Access Point devices are positioned for the Wireless Infrastructure.

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