Healthy Food

FSMobility Red Meat Module provides the highest level of traceability; starting from the farm period of the animal, until to sales and reaching to consumer's table. FSMobility provides world-class and high-level traceability with EAN and RFID tags in Red Meat Traceability.

Food Safety

FSMobility Red Meat Quality Assurance Module offers the most accurate quality process flow for tracking of the livestock-related diseases, determination of the food-borne diseases and protecting public health.

Backward & Forward Traceability

Thanks to Backward & Forward Traceability, consumption of unreliable products can be prevented, the sources of the problems can be determined and distribution channels for recall can be quickly identified. It provides an effective tool of specific searches for the products creating hazards to human health.

Offal Tracking Identification with (Livestock) Ear Tag

Our solution assigns the identities (IDs) to the meat products by using the (livestock) Ear Tag. Each animal enters veterinary check and hot weighing without mixing. The head, skin and offal of the slaughtered animals are also labeled.


Quality Assurance by Tracking of Veterinary Checking

It is ensured that all parts of the animals found suspicious during veterinary checking are quarantined. Healthy animals are allowed to be used in production. The categories of the animals are determined during this process.

Slaughterhouse Weighing & Quartering & Production Release

In Hot Weighing, half carcasses are weighed together and half carcass labels are printed. In Cold Weighing, half carcasses are weighed again 1-2 days after slaughter. Water waste losses are calculated automatically. During quartering, the relations of quarter carcass tags are established automatically by determining the animals and ear tags. Carcass tags are received by bar code reading via hand-held terminals and the information of by which butcher group is received is saved.


Precious Meat Production & Charcuterie Production

Valuable meats are labeled production order-based and animal-based. The production processes of products such as Meatballs, Sausage, Salami, Pastrami, Doner are tracked in detail for Delicatessen Production. The meat belonging to which animals are used in the production of the finished product is saved production order-based. This information is included in the batch (lot) barcodes of the products.

Butcher Meat Report Performance Measurement

How much meat is cut by the butcher groups and their performances are measured with this report. In order to give this report accurately, all valuable meat, industrial meat, crumbs and bones are weighed at the end of the production order.


Finished-Product Sales

Incoming orders are collected by reading barcodes with hand terminals. Waybills are printed /e-Waybills are generated automatically after approval.

Red Meat Tracking References All

Ekur Meat Integrated Plant

FSMobility tracking the processes from animal acceptance to carcass and quarter acceptance, from production to shipment.


Carcass and Auxiliary Materials Receiving processes, Carcass Shredding processes, production internal processes are tracking by FSMobility with barcodes..

Köfteci Yusuf

FSMobility tracking the freshness of the product coming from the factory to the branches and its exit from the cold storage to the aisle..