Asset Management

FSMobility Asset Solution ensures that the fixed assets are managed efficiently and in real time. It aims to keep track of locations, possessions by individuals and/or groups, features of the fixed assets and the modifications on these information. It enables the system to operate quickly and smoothly using ID technology.

Location Management

FSMobility Asset Solution enables the management and verification of the locations of fixed assets and also provides the analysis and the historical data. It keeps the assigned location for each fixed asset and allows you to reach the locational and possesional data just by Asset ID. FSMobility provides an efficient and fast tool for fixed asset inventory management.

Analysis and Reporting

FSMobility Asset Tracking provides wide-ranging statistical reports, analyzing unpredictable details and supporting strategic decision-making.

Asset Entry

There is an asset entry screen on the application that allows all data of newly arrived assets to be entered into the system.


Maintenance Operations

Maintenance work orders, part replacements are provided on-site and instantaneously via the system. All transactions are processed instantly in the database.

Asset Association

Asset Tracking System automatically performs depreciation calculations for all the assets you want, using multiple methods.


Asset List

Users can get detailed lists and reports about fixed assets on the computer screens of the system, and export these lists in different formats.

Periodic Physical Inventory Counting

FSMobility provides structured approaches for the physical inventory counting by barcode/ID reading interfaces on the Hand-Held Terminals and/or Tablets.


Asset Tracking References Tümü

Anadolu Bank

In our project, it was ensured that the materials (computers, office supplies, safes, money counting machines, etc.) belonging to Anadolubank were defined in the FSSoftware program, listed, labeled, quantity controlled by counting, tracking the materials to be scrapped and reporting all these movements.